The Composite Door Designer

Allow your customers to create their perfect entrance.

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How it works?

With a variety of options available to your orginisation, we have made it very simple to have your very own branded composite door designer on or linked from your own website.

Buy a license

Choose the solution you need. Solutions to suite your budget and needs. From a visual showdown to a fully configurable e-commerce platform with native app solutions as an option, a solution to meet most needs. If there isn't one here contact us and we will make one!

We will make it yours

We will get in touch to ascertain your requirements and options, get all your assets like logos and colours and make it yours!

Create & Test

Between us we will make sure you are happy with your composite door designer; take away some door styles add a few new colours – the choice is yours!

Publish & Share

We will then publish your brand new composite door designer leaving you to market and share it to all your customers. And you can start enjoying your inscrease in sales!


Great features your customers will love.

Allow your customers to create their perfect entrance. With an infinite array of design options available leveraged by a rich set of intuitive tools your customers can truly engage with your composite door and door glass range at the click of a button on any device.

Multiple Devices

Fully responsive and device aware functioning across various devices with a simple intuitive interface to allow your customers to easily design their perfect entrance with the full design options that you offer.

High definition

Have any door style or any RegaLead decorative glass design combination in your Composite Door Designer with high definition images and graphics through out, offering your customers a rich visual experience, encouraging full immersion. Accurate representation of the product to the customer and ultimately increasing the chances the customer will purchase your product or make an online enquiry.

Your Branding

Make it yours – use your logo and your colour style guide to offer your customers that consistent look and feel across all your digital assets and online presence.

Quick Load Times

Leveraging the cloud. All the assets – images, styles, graphics and code are all stored in the cloud. We are continuously enhancing and developing the code and digital assets so you will always benefit from having the latest up–to–date digital hoard at your disposal.

Design Share

The share tool allows your customers to share with other people, there design is stored via a link and sent in an email (with your branding) to anyone they choose, you also get a copy of every email shared.

Home Visualiser

The Composite Door Designer yields a home visualisation tool that lets your customers envision your product range on an uploaded image of their home or using a gallery of pre–prepared images of your choosing or from our stock range. Also during this visualization customers can save the final design image to their computer.

Our Pricing

Pick a version that suits your needs and budget.

We have a variety of Composite Door Designer versions available for you to adopt. If you require further customisations or need help choosing which is right for you don't hesitate to get in touch.



Excl. VAT

£199 deposit, fully billed on completion

  • Your branding
  • Your choice of door styles
  • Your choice of *glass styles
  • Your choice of *door colour
  • Version example
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Excl. VAT

£199 deposit, fully billed on completion

  • As Standard Visualizer version plus:
  • Visual animated price total
  • More door options e.g dimensions, add ons etc
  • Shopping Cart/Payment gateway integration
  • Version example
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  • Frame styles
  • "Price this Door" button + form
  • Supporting landing page/marketing website
  • Live chat support system
  • Trade only ordering (eCommerce)

*Glass from RegaLead range as standard

Hear what some of our customers are saying.

  • Author image
    Guy Hubble Manager Director, RegaLead

    Our Door Configurator can design more than 10,000 different combinations of glass, door styles and colours. It provides several features that our users really love, such as the ability to view the door on a range of standard entranceway backgrounds or with your customer’s own property photograph.

    View their version
  • Author image
    Neil Williamson Yorkshire Trade Windows

    Our Composite Door Designer tool allows our customers to fully engage with our product range which reflects our brochure range in a much more fun and interactive way. This has created a lot of interest from our customers as we can see a lot of designs have been shared. Resulting in a clear increase in product interest.

    View their version
  • Author image
    Roy Frost Managing Director, Deceuninck

    We have now added The Composite Door Designer to our digital offering, helping reduce the need to post and referr to brochures and leaflets while also increasing enquiries and sales. The options and combinations afforded to customers is almost endless, our customers have found it to be intuitive and easy to use.

    View their version

Questions and Answers.

Still unsure how it all works or need some futher reassurance? If the answers below don't shed any new light then feel free to drop us an email or use the live chat below.

Do you require access to my server?

All the assets— code, graphics and images are stored on our central cloud server so no access to your website or server is required. The added benefit of this is that you always have the most up–to–date code and most optimised images. Also if you decide to add a new door style

Can I use my own company domain name?

Although all the assets are stored on our servers you can still use your own domain name to access your Composite Door Designer. It is advised that the door designer sits in its own full screen window but you can even display it within the framework and layout of your current website.

Will there be any further fees to keep my door designer up–to–date?

Unlike some other solutions the fee you pay is a one–off payment and you are free to use the door designer for as long as you wish.

What payment gateways can I use to sell doors?

Currently only SagePay and PayPal are supported but if demand becomes apparent for others we will implement these too. We can add any within reason at anytime as a bespoke service.

Can I use different glass designs?

This Composite Door Designer has been a joint effort with RegaLead who have heavily invested into the project. If you have a other glass designs you want to use in conjunction with the RegaLead range then do get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

Can I use different door colours that are not in the current range?

The nature with which the images of the doors are constructed you can use any colour range you like. Here is an alternative colour range.

I have my own door styles or use a different door slab provider can I use these?

By default no, however any door style can potentially be used with this system. This would be a adhoc bespoke effort to integrate your door styles into this system however.

How do I get started and how quickly will I have my Composite Door Designer?

Firstly chose the version you require and place a deposit payment and we will strive to have Basic and Standard versions up and runinning within 4 working days. Ecommerce versions will take longer and a roadmap will be setout from the outset.